Addresscloud appoints John Powell as Senior Geospatial Data Engineer

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Cloud-based location intelligence platform addresscloud has appointed experienced data scientist John Powell as its new Senior Geospatial Data engineer.

John Powell Web
John Powell Web

John has been working in the geospatial services sector for over twenty years, helping companies to leverage high-quality location data and intelligence to their commercial advantage. He has spent the past 18 years at Emapsite, lately as their Head of Research and Development, and prior to that, their geospatial data scientist.

At addresscloud, John applies his expertise to the analysis of location data around the world as the company broadens and strengthens its geocoding and property intelligence offering to insurers across continental Europe and beyond. He is also responsible for identifying opportunities to automate parts of this process to speed up delivery to customers, and reviewing data providers to ensure Addresscloud continues to deploy the best quality data to give insurers accurate and relevant insights into their risk.

John commented:

“I’m enjoying this opportunity to work with address data on a global scale. It all starts with an address, and whether in the UK or Australia, that piece of data can tell us an enormous amount of information about the property that sits on it. These insights are invaluable to our insurer customers, helping them to understand the perils associated with the insured property.

The business has embedded a culture of innovation that gives us the freedom to experiment with different kinds of data and new technologies to find the right solutions to the challenges facing our customers, I’m excited to support Addresscloud as it continues to grow its profile and reputation for delivering data expertise.”

Mark Varley, founder and CEO of addresscloud added:

“Addresscloud prides itself on being able to deliver rooftop-level perils and location data to customers, helping them to better understand and manage the risks on their books. John’s ability to identify and develop new techniques for mapping and delivering these insights will be invaluable to us as we grow our capabilities and expand into new territories.”


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