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Quickly enrich spreadsheets of addresses to cleanse and enrich with peril and climate scores and property attributes.


An intuitive, fast and configurable batch processing application

Addresscloud Batch provides users with a simple drag and drop interface for cleansing and enriching spreadsheets with a wide range of data attributes. Batch is useful for risk assessing broker schedules and bordereaux submissions.

Do you need to bulk cleanse and enrich portfolios of addresses?

Upload or drag and drop a spreadsheet of addresses and Batch immediately sets to work on cleansing and enriching the file. Each address is geocoded to determine the location coordinates and then enriched with attributes from our our wide range of peril and climate scores and property attributes.

Delivering insurance innovation

Addresscloud services are trusted by the world’s top insurers

what our clients say

Addresscloud, as a recognised leader in UK address matching and property intelligence, is perfectly placed to deliver a new improved service for our users, along with operational and cost efficiencies for the Flood Re business.


Flood Re

Addresscloud’s API approach for delivering data means our customers can benefit from more accurate pricing.



Addresscloud has been able to deliver highly accurate address and perils data that has allowed us to set the benchmark for our industry in taking a true data science approach to underwriting.

Head of Underwriting

Eaton Gate

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