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Our story

Addresscloud is a multi-award-winning location intelligence platform serving the global insurance market.

Our award-winning location intelligence services have been helping insurers make better decisions since 2015.

Addresscloud was created in 2015 by our CEO Mark Varley when he was working for RSA. Mark was frustrated with the existing geocoding software which was hard to manage and did not perform well with the challenging addresses that insurers have to process. Mark envisaged a fully managed cloud-first solution, using the latest search software and high quality data which would cope with the complex demands of insurers, and so Addresscloud was born.

Addresscloud has evolved into a full suite of services providing geographic insight to help underwriters make better decisions. Our APIs are built on serverless cloud technology which allows us to scale to the demands of the biggest insurers on the planet. We have built up a team of experts from multiple disciplines who all share a passion for solving complex problems and delighting our customers. Our solutions have won prestigious awards and we are recognised as one of the Top 100 Best Places to work in the UK technology sector.

We are Addresscloud.

Addresscloud founded and selected by RSA

Addresscloud is founded by CEO Mark Varley as a fully managed cloud-first solution, built on the latest open source search software and high quality data from national mapping agencies which would cope with the complex demands of the insurance industry. RSA select Addresscloud as its strategic geocoding solution for the UK business. Addresscloud partner with the Ordnance Survey.

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