Powered by Addresscloud: How Riverford delivers fresh food to 80,000 homes every week

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This video from Ordnance Survey features Addresscloud's work with Riverford to create Kerbside in response to a surge in demand for fresh food deliveries.

Launched in 2020 Addresscloud's Kerbside product helps businesses optimise their last-mile logistics by directing delivery drivers to kerbside locations for addresses across the country. Kerbside combines rooftop coordinates with road network data to provide a "smart" delivery location for each and every address.

The Ordnance Survey featured Addresscloud's work with Riverford Organic Farmers to create kerbside in response to a surge in demand for fresh food deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic. The video was produced as part of the OS' Partner Week Conference in November 2020, and highlights how Riverford used Kerbside to scale driver capacity to meet demand. In particular, Kerbside helped new drivers navigate to the right delivery location first-time, increasing delivery efficiencies and reducing vehicle emissions. At its peak Riverford was delivering over a million carrots to doorsteps across the country - watch the video below!

OS Partner Week 2020: Addresscloud's work with Riverford.

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