Lightning Talk: Serverless GeoTiffs

2 Minute Read
Slides from my recent presentation at Rasters Revealed 2021 on Rasterio and AWS Lambda container images.

Following AWS re:Invent in December 2020 I was really excited about the prospect of using the new Lambda container image support to build functions which use the Rasterio and Numpy libraries. Previously, compressing these libraries into the AWS Lambda package limit was a challenge. Now, with container image support it is much easier to build, test and deploy Lambda functions which use Rasterio and Numpy.

Extracting an elevation profile from the Copernicus 30 metre Digital Elevation Model.

Container support for AWS Lambda makes it much easier to build serverless raster processing workflows, and we're now in the process of moving our production raster service across to this new architecture. I've been keen to share this with the geospatial community so I jumped at the chance to give a lightning talk at the Rasters Revealed 2021 conference. Along with my presentation I created this reference GitHub repository, with a Lambda function to query Corpernicus COGs using Rasterio.

Thanks to the Rasters Revealed team for organising a great virtual event!

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