RSA employ Addresscloud Location Services to improve address validation speed and accuracy

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The Addresscloud solution was implemented in 2016 to enable RSA to accurately locate and geocode risks at rooftop level, maximising their existing investment in data and being able to save time and expense in running an in-house solution

Executive Summary

RSA have invested significantly over the last two decades in geospatial technology and data to be able to price and underwrite at rooftop level.

The Addresscloud solution was implemented in 2016 to enable RSA to accurately locate and geocode risks at rooftop level, maximising their existing investment in data and being able to save time and expense in running an in-house solution.

The Addresscloud platform has been integrated into many of the underwriting systems from personal lines through to SME and complex large commercial systems. Addresscloud processes around 10 million transactions a month, 99.9% of all transactions are processed sub half a second with no downtime and batches are now processed in hours.

“Addresscloud has been a huge leap forward for RSA. We have seen a significant uplift in speed and match rates and most importantly my team know it just works!” Rob Osment, Exposure Management Director, RSA

The Business Challenge

RSA previously managed an on-premise address validation solution. This was a cumbersome and time-consuming process:

  • Out-of-date information: Loading essential third party address data from Ordnance Survey (OS) placed a heavy demand on the RSA team and data loads took time. Addresses in RSA systems could also be out of date and quoting for newly built properties was sometimes problematic.
  • Slow system performance: RSA regularly process large batches of addresses which was time consuming.
  • Low address match rates: Address quality is a challenge for all insurers, particularly commercial addresses, where spelling errors and incorrect postcodes are unfortunately common.

These issues were directly impacting RSA and therefore the decision was taken to find a more effective solution that was a fast, scalable, property-level, web-based address validation and geocoding service.

What was the Solution?

Following a rigorous selection process a joint proposal between Europa Technologies, an established leader in Location Intelligence, and Addresscloud emerged as the preferred solution. Addresscloud, experts in address validation and geocoding, provided their Match API to give RSA high-quality, up-to-date address information. The Match API provides the following services for RSA:

  • Address validation and Geocoding: RSA validates customer addresses against the OS AddressBase Premium database providing rooftop-level coordinates and the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN). The API is used for capturing the customer address in both in-house systems and online through RSA branded platforms and third party schemes
  • Editable gazetteer: Addresscloud have created a bespoke RSA address list for use in cases where no address information is available for new locations. Addresscloud stores RSA addresses and coordinates to instantly fulfil quotations

Why Addresscloud?

The key reasons for RSA selecting Addresscloud and its services were:

  • Reliability of service
  • Speed of service
  • High match rates
  • Deep domain knowledge
  • Outstanding customer support

The Results

The Addresscloud service has proven a success, making it quicker and easier for RSA to respond to their customers’ needs. RSA have realised a number of benefits by adopting this service:

  • Quick data updates delivering fully processed, fully managed and live updates within five working days
  • Pre-deployment testing enabling RSA to run integration and user acceptance testing without risk to the live system
  • Faster response times resulting in shorter quotation times
  • Improved address matching offering improved property-level risk assessment
  • Enhanced user experience with easy-to-use web service

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About RSA

RSA is one of the world’s longest standing general insurers, providing peace of mind to individuals and families, and protecting small businesses and large corporations from uncertainty for more than 300 years. As the world has evolved and changed, so have the needs of our customers. As new risks and opportunities emerge, we constantly innovate and improve to serve our customers well.

About Addresscloud

Addresscloud provides software services to locate and describe addresses with rooftop level accuracy using high quality data from our market-leading partners. Our rich APIs and intuitive applications help organisations understand more about their customers to reduce risk and make better decisions. Addresscloud’s innovative, highly scalable cloud platform and deep industry knowledge are trusted by businesses from start-ups to global corporations.

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