Sustainability at Addresscloud: Driving Towards a Greener Future

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At Addresscloud sustainability isn't just a buzzword, it's a guiding principle ingrained in our company culture. As we prepare for our upcoming company meet-up in Nice, we want to spotlight how we reduce our carbon footprint and manage our carbon offset.

Every member of our team is empowered with, a user-friendly platform that enables us to calculate our individual carbon footprints and contribute to impactful projects like reforestation and renewable energy initiatives. offsets our team carbon emissions from their remote working and corporate travel, but it goes further and allows team members to offset their complete household carbon emissions. Want to see our progress? You can track it anytime, right here: Addresscloud on

However, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond digital platforms, it's woven into the very fabric of our operations.

We minimise printed materials, opting for digital documentation and communication to reduce paper waste and conserve resources. We champion eco-friendly commuting options like public transport, cycling (including the cycle-to-work scheme), and carpooling, and offer remote-first working arrangements to decrease the need for commuting. Prioritising shared transportation options for necessary travel and actively using train travel for regional, national and international journeys further reduces our carbon footprint. Our travel policy also encourages the use of carbon-offsetting booking websites such as which plants a tree for every train journey.

Moreover, we proudly embrace completely serverless technology, as highlighted in our blog post. This not only lowers infrastructure and operation costs but also reduces our technological footprint by releasing unused resources back into the cloud and only consuming the resources required for the task at hand. Furthermore, Addresscloud operates in carbon-free energy availability zones, aligning our tech infrastructure with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

"Sustainability is so embedded in our culture that we sometimes forget to shout about it! In adopting our 'sustainability as standard' ethos, we're not just reducing our impact on the planet, we’re leading by example and hopefully inspiring others to do the same." – Lucy Oxer, Operations Director

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